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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New MuteMath EP Out Today!

There's a new MuteMath EP out today, available through iTunes, Amazon, and/or the new MM website: http://www3.mutemath.com/.

The limited edition vinyl is only available through the new MM site store, which is actually the best deal because you get the digital stuff, too.

I hope you guys enjoy this precursor to our long overdue, upcoming album.


Mike said...

been listening! It's great. Any chance of getting it in a FLAC format?

Anonymous said...

Got it!
Can't wait for you all to start touring again!
My husband and I just moved from Miami, FL to Raleigh, NC so hopefully you'll come through this way and we'll be able to enjoy our favorite band in a new city.
Take care!

Bertman316 said...

Roy, you shine all over Armistice!

Bertman316 said...

From 'No Treble - the Site for Bass Players,' a quote from my review of Armistice:

From a recent review by Soul Audio:
“Roy Mitchell-Cardenas turns in bass work that’s nothing less than stellar throughout the whole album, handling the pop oriented songs with economy and taste and the rock/indie parts with intelligence and enthusiasm. His bass playing percolates and boils, writhing along the underbelly of the music, lending an air of danger here and funk there. Picking up his acoustic bass on “Pins and Needles,” Roy shows impressive jazz chops, but it’s on the album’s title track, “Armistice,” that Roy gets funky enough to get arrested. Impressive bass work, indeed.”

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).