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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On being a father . . .

Being a father (of a six-week-old boy) is like . . .

*moving into a new place, but a historic home that leaves a lot for discovery;

*pushing the limits of an old car as you drive all night to find that requited love;

*forgetting and remembering everything all at once;

*searching for hours at the local vinyl shop for that one rare jewel;

*finding out that you got an "A" in algebra class;

*hiding in the closet, hoping no one hears you breathing;

*walking out of the doctor's office with a new pair of glass (you quite haven't adjusted);


Jen from NH said...

:) So Rocco has arrived! Sounds like you're in heaven, but sort of in the downtown part and are getting your bearings.

I imagine when I have kids that I'll be constantly asking my mom how to do 'this' and if 'that' was normal for awhile.

Congrats to you both, Roy & Wendy!

Melanie said...

So good to finally here the news for certain. I was pretty sure Wendy wasn't "that" late, but also pretty confident that you were busy about now. Still, really good to know that Rocco is here. One always holds their breath and hopes that everything went well, but then I guess that's my "mom" side. LOL And you posted on my son's 31st birthday. :)

It's quite a ride. Hang on. There's nothing like it in the world. The best and worst all rolled into one, and it makes life more than you can ever imagine. :)

Give Rocco hugs and kisses for me. :)


portorikan said...



David Ball said...

Very nicely put! Parenthood is wonderfully difficult, but so rewarding. Congratulations to you and your sweet wife, and welcome to your son!

Bertman316 said...

Hey, so good to get a confirmation!! Carina and I have been praying for you and Wendy and the baby ever since we got the news at MSG (NYC) this past Valentine's Day. Now the adventure begins.... Carina and I just celebrated 30 years of being married (August 25), and let me tell you - it works!
God bless the three of you!
Your friends from up here -
Bert & Carina

the koehns said...

WOW 6 weeks old already!!
that is exciting.
So good to hear that the baby has arrived.
CONGRATS to both of you.
maria & chad too :)

Mrs. B said...

It only gets more wonderful....lovelier. The deep discussions at 13 are the BOMB!

William said...

Many, many congrats on the birth of your son! You have six more weeks before the fun begins (ha, ha)! Enjoy every moment as each is brief! Let the boy be a muse for bass line and literary creativity!

Angela said...

Wow, you articulate very well what it's like after only having one, and I can't quite say it that well after four!!! Congrats, dude!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).