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Saturday, July 19, 2008


I wanted to share this trailer of the new film Amexicano with all of you and encourage you to go see this film. It stars Raul Castillo, my childhood friend and a great actor. ¡Felicidades Raul!


Melanie said...

I always intend to see films but usually have to purchase the dvd and hopefully get around to it sometime. LOL I am interested to see it, though.

BTW, I was thinking about you and Wendy last night and wondering how Wendy was doing.

The Tone Guru said...

This movie looks brilliant, Roy! Thanks for the lead.

portorikan said...

Thanks for the heads up, look like a good movie.

margarita said...

Hi Roy, it's me Krittika, remember me ? McAllen , I was an exchange student from Thailand :) I hope you do. Anyway, wow, look at you go!!!!!! what a great accomplished for you!!!!!! I am so happy for you. Keep in touch.

God bless you

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