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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some old pictures . . .

I've been working on new music for Mute Math like crazy, and decided to put off any instructional videos for now. Perhaps, that project will develop later.

In the meanwhile, my parents sent me some great, old pictures I thought many of you would get a kick out of. I'm between 8 and 11 in these photos.

1. The blue kit was my cousin's (Arturo in Matamoros, Mexico). It was one of the first drum set I ever played on.
2. Here, my dad and I are tearing it up at a family reunion somewhere in Nuevo Leon.
3&4. I joined in with the band at a wedding.


Martyne said...

Those picture are adorable! A dedicated musician from even back then :)

Good luck with the new tunes! SO excited!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome. Family photos are the best. It's great to see stuff like that in light of what you're doing now I bet.

Loretta said...

Aí qué chulo m'ijo! (saying slowly w/inflection, almost melodic).

Looking at your face, coloring and hair... you look like David and Doug did next to their primos! They definitely stood out as you do en las fotos. Un Gringo! Pero un gringo tan chulo!

I am so loving the rabbit ears on the tv. And Scooby watching you as you play your paradiddles.

Wow, parece tanto k'quiere a su papa. ¿Recuerda tú k canción k tú jugaba?

Y en los otros fotos, you like you got the Menudo thing goin'on!

The 80's!

Aí m'hijo, éstos son tan maravillosos, gracias para compartirlos con nosotros.

Melanie said...

I love the photos. I was looking at then and now and comparing the pics. LOL Music must run in the family. :) Thanks for sharing.

Typo Panther said...


I guess there is no wonder why you rock our socks off eh?

I hope the various breaks you've gotten have been as refreshing as your blogs seem to indicate.

Bringing all the inspiration that you and your band-mates contain to the rest of the world is a hard job, and I'm glad you do it! Just hurry up and come back to Colorado please ;)

Leftfield said...

Roy -

Did you use to play in a band in Miami?
Did you guys have a song called Can I be Frank WIth You? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else.... or did you indeed play in the same circles with Derek Cintron?

Anonymous said...

Que onda Roy!? Those pics take me back home. I dig the pic with the "McAllen Youth" t-shirt. Representing the "McAllen Youth" Vato! Have a good European Tour man. Cuidate un chingos guey!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).