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Friday, May 18, 2007

Having fun at home . . .

I'm been enjoying my time at home, working on my house, new music, new stories, and new videos. Soon, I'll post some bass lessons; I'm just working out the filming.

Tomorrow, Mute Math leaves for Vancouver, to play Virgin Festival on May 20. It should be a good show, if I don't forget my parts after being home for 10 days!

Ándale pues, hablamos despúes de Canada.
¡Hasta pronto!


Aaron said...

10 days?! If that's a long break to you, then I feel like a slacker...

Loretta S. said...

Jour scaring me, mijo!
You look like the CUCUY!!!!!!

Melanie said...

I bet it's good to be home and have a break, though. Give your lovely wife my regards. :)

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with on the bass lessons. I don't have a bass, but I may watch just the same.

I have a feeling you will remember your part just fine and knock 'em dead as always (maybe that should be alive since you guys usually wake people up.) LOL

Martyne said...

Of course you'll remember your parts! Sillllyyy

So happy you've enjoyed your time spent at home! The break was WELL deserved! Have a great show :)

tina said...

i can't seem to fall asleep tonight so i thought i'd throw out a random thanks. you guys make legit music. and i say "legit" with as much emphasis as i can at 10:30 at night. that's late for me. yes, i know, i like living on the edge.

glad to see you getting a break at home. i can almost understand how liberating it is. take care.

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