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Thursday, June 07, 2012

EMPIRE THEORY - Colors EP Preview

Colors EP Preview

Click the link above to check out EMPIRE THEORY, a great band from Orlando, FL that I recently worked with, e.g., production/programming/writing/playing...


Loretta said...

"No More Of It" has a Cinematics sound there in the beginning.
"Parallel Universe" is pretty catchy.

kingofbother said...

I like it. It's very Earthsuit-esque. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to check them out.

Maria Koehn said...

LOVE no more of it!

Mirza Zaza said...

Ey Roy! "Clear Tune Monitors" talked with us, he told me that you are working recording some bands! (we're Mirza Zaza, a band from Spain, we covered long ago the song "Typical"). Can you send me an email to contact you?? We're using MirzaZazaRock@gmail.com , awesome production! It sounds epic

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).