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Friday, November 12, 2010

Triad Music Conference is coming upon us!

So, to alleviate some of the confusion regarding what Triad is all about, we decided to change the name to "TRIAD MUSIC CONFERENCE."

Below is a flyer with some info about the date and who will be attending as special featured guests: (DECEMBER 19, 2010, MCALLEN, TEXAS: A UNIQUE MUSIC CONFERENCE WILL TAKE PLACE WITH SPECIAL PERFORMANCES AND TEACHINGS BY DARREN KING, AARON BEAUMONT, AND STACY DUPREE).

If you'd like to attend, simply call the number on the flyer.

If you'd like to help out to promote it, simply print the flyer below and distribute it. (Just click on the image and save in order to print.)

If you'd like to do nothing, then at least just read this post...


drummerboy17 said...

Hey Roy,

I play drums and my friend Tom plays Bass. Bottom line is that we are quite interested in going to the Triad Music Conference (And I mean QUITE). However, we live in Houston and my parents aren't really that comfortable with us being so close to the border. Is it a possibility that you and Darren would possibly hold another workshop in Houston? Hopefully we are able to make it one the 19th. Mutemath has definitely been a major influence in our band and in my playing style.

Thanks and God Bless,


Melanie said...

This would be really awesome if money were no object and I could fly out there. :) Hope it goes well. I do get to see Eisley in Feb., though. Hope you guys can tour out this way again sometime this year.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).