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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Own Facebook Impersonator

Today, I found my own facebook impersonator (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Roy-Mitchell-Cardenas/113145925379330)! Unfortunately, whoever is running this page does not let people know that it's a "fan" page and not really me.  Also, I can't send this person a personal message to inquire who he or she is. I do have a FB page, but it's completely for family and close friends. So, if you think you have found me on FB, guess again . . .  If you know who runs this page, please tell them to shut it down. Thanks.

All is not what it seems, especially on the internet.


Bear Cherian said...

Click the report button. I just did it, said they were "Impersonating me or someone i know"

Jeff said...

Did the same as Bear.

paulmike3 said...

same here... left a comment on there asking him to take it down, as well...

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the heads up. Sorry you had someone impersonate you, that's gotta be creepy.

J. J. said...

Looks like they took it down already? Very odd to begin with.

On a happier note, great set at Lollapalooza!

Dayna-Marie said...

Thanks for the heads up Roy. Alot of people thought that was really you. (Including me) It was really hard to tell, because the only questions & statements that were made were always MM related. I'll definitely be more careful next time. I wonder if this means the other MM pages are fakes too. :/

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