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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Armistice Bassline & The Death of the Album

I added this video to the heading of my blog, but decided to give it its own post here more clearly since I have gotten many requests for a breakdown of this bassline.

Second, THE DEATH OF THE ALBUM. It's sad to say that this might be where things are going because I think so many of us are missing out on the beauty of the art of the album (that is, an intended collection of songs which compliment each other) and unplanned, wonderful experiences in browsing thanks to either our rather poignant internet search skills or our computer-fed, narrowly genre-based diets. One very important aspect of "browser" has been unfortunately lost in "internet browser." Check out what this article has to say about it, and decide if you are still up for the ride . . . No One Listens to Albums Anymore. What's Next? By Brian Till -- The death of the album and the rise of the single perhaps mirrors the broader societal shift. The Internet makes the infinite accessible, yet, in the hours we spend tethered to the sprawling enigma, we tend to pursue what we already know, rather than search for the foreign. 


Damon's Painting said...

This is really great, I love your playing and the tone from that p-bass is just amazing. Anytime you want to post lines like this, I'll be listening, and then trying to get that tone myself!

Jay said...

Hey Roy,

Just a hat tip to you guys vis-a-vis "The Death of the Album". I'm mid-30s, so a part of a music-listening (and buying) generation that actually did listen to an album from front to back. I picked up "Armistice" about 6 weeks ago after hearing some MM tracks on satellite radio, and its a really beautiful, cohesive work - nice emotional highs and lows, light and shade. Listening to it front to back (which I did a couple of times today on a long drive), I feel like I've been taken somewhere, which is a feeling I don't get from a lot of current bands. So good on you guys for making a genuine album instead of just throwing a bunch of tracks together. I can taste the difference.

Anyway, thanks for letting me put in my tuppence. I enjoy your blog.


Christie said...

The Armistice baseline video has been taken down...PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).