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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Interesting Poll Implying that Music Really Matters

Poll: Let there be music -- and let it be legal

Two days ago at 10:38 | Reuters
SINGAPORE, Jan 28 (Reuters Life!) - Music really makes the world go round, with most people listing it as their favourite pastime, and one that they're willing to pay for to enjoy legally, according to a global survey.

The "Music Matters" survey of 8,000 adults in 13 countries, by market research firm Synovate, showed 63 percent ranked themselves as being passionate about music, with Brazilians at the top of the scale and Australians at the bottom . . .

Check out the rest HERE.


I've enjoyed all the ideas and thoughts for and against the illegal downloading of music. Thanks again for your input. Some interesting points have been made in the comments.

The poll above gives me hope (as far as my position on the matter goes), but not only because it seems like the trend is turning into the fact that people are willing to pay for music, but also because it seems that music is still important to humankind, PERIOD.

That is the underlying fear that I have I guess when all these discussion are going on; that is, music is not only being devalued but it is also looked as something unnecessary to life. What are the school programs to be cut first when funds are low? Usually the arts.

BUT, I know that Nietzsche was on to something regarding the essence of life when he said, "Without music, life would be a mistake."

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