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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Behind the Scenes on Jay Leno

Hopefully, not too many of you missed out on Mute Math's Leno performance this last Thursday, January 15th due to your DVR/TiVo cutting out early since the Tonight Show went over several minutes its scheduled time, but if so, I'm sure you will be able to find a high quality video posting online (not including the garbage that is up on youtube, which quite honestly I'm beginning to loathe due to poor quality of video and the uninformed, misguided, and plain ignorant comments people leave on many videos, not just mine).

Speaking of misinformed comments, I think maybe some background MM info to this t.v. appearance is in order:

1) Mute Math is still a four piece! We just thought it'd be fun to invite some friends to help us debut "Spotlight." Why didn't Jay Leno announce "Mute Math and friends?" Don't know, but perhaps he should have.

2) Of these friends, Jeremy Larson played piano and rhodes, clapped, and sang. Jeremy has been instrumental in providing string arrangements for the new, upcoming album [please don't lose hope!]; he is an excellent pianist/singer, and therefore, a logical choice. Check out his music here.

3) Adam LaClave and Jonathan Allen have been friends of ours for many years, and play in a band called Club of the Sons. Adam is one of the most amazing singers I've worked with and probably the most creative person I've ever met, and Jonathan (who covered for me in Japan while my son was being born) is an incredible bass player. Both of them live and work in New Orleans.

4) Since "Spotlight" started in the studio with me on guitar and Greg on lap steel (or as it is sometimes referred to "biscuit board"), we decided to keep that original vibe live in this debut performance. More than likely, on tour I'll be playing bass for "Spotlight," which I also played for the recording. It was a lot of fun to play guitar on the show; guitar and drums were actually my first instruments at the age of 6. I didn't start playing bass until I was 17.

Big thanks to Jeremy, Adam, and Jonathan for helping us out, and to everybody that watched.

Happy New Year. Keep an open mind. Love One Another.

*all the above pictures were taken by my lovely wife.


Angela said...

You guys rocked on Leno! I loved the additional musicians and singers. It was also neat to see you play guitar. You guys, as always, put on a great performance. Many blessings to you.

Carlos said...

U guys are amazing!!!! Dont listen to the retards that are negative.....the world needs Mutemath!!! U guys bring hope to the music industry
See u soon!

ZoetKees said...

Hi Roy, thanx for the insights. Wouldn't it be wise to post them (slightly altered maybe) on the MM Myspace as well? I see people have the same questions everywhere on the net.

Melanie said...

OH, I absolutely loved the performance. I was wondering who the "other guys" were, although someone answered that question about Adam and Jonathan on another forum for me. I don't remember really noticing Jeremy (oops, sorry.) I was a little surprised at the other players, but it's not unusual for bands to have guest players now and again, so it wasn't that big a deal to me. It was weird seeing someone else on bass, though; and kind of unusual to see Paul with only a mike in hand. LOL

Glad your lovely wife got some good shots. :) Give her my regards. Your little guy must be getting big already. :)

Are you guys going to be touring again soon? I want to plan. :)

Oh, Leno has quite a few of their full shows up for about a week or so. That would probably be the best quality if they have that show up. I haven't double checked to see if the 15th was put up.

demilu said...

Cool to see you on guitar. Loved it. And it was especially nice to hear Adam's voice in the mix again. I'm really looking forward to the album. Actually, I'm more than anxious to hear good music. And for another tour of course.
All the best to you and your family. Mine send lots of love.

Guru Marine said...

Don't ever lose that energy. Amazing stuff.

Bertman316 said...

Roy, you were amazing on that guitar - that break had mucho funk behind it! And, Wendy -- great images! You've got a really good eye.
The Leno performance was really a triumph (what else is new?)and seeing some old friends on the tube with you guys was a treat. Good times, eh....?
Carina and the 'kids' send our love to your house!

kingofbother said...

Great job! I agree with Bert, that guitar lick was awesome. Jen and I were saying how we missed you guys. It made it worse seeing you on Leno. We can't wait to start going to shows again. Send me a note. I would love to see how the family is doing. We may even head to Miami to check you out in march. As you know we could pop up anywhere. Tell the guys we said hi. Later.

Jessica said...

You rocked on the guitar!
It was a pretty interesting performance and I am so looking forward to new shows, new album, new chemistry... etc.

BTW, It's always refreshing when you talk about your wife, there aren't many husband who openly love their wives like you do. She must be an awesome lady!

Dan said...

Roy and others,

Yeah, the only post on YouTube was terrible, but I found the full episode of the Tonight Show on the Jay Leno website, although an advertisement broke your song in half on that site. I expect that Hulu.com has another copy of the full episode for persons to watch. The musical performance is right at the end of the show. All y'all did a great job!

Loretta said...

The kids were tuned in and blasting it at 6:30am the next day.
No doubt SNL will be next.

Chris said...

There are some pretty good quality ones up now, including a Hi-Def. one. Thanks so much for the music. I had a pretty good idea about who everyone was and actually heard about Jeremy playing before the show was on which made it even more exciting.

Can't wait for the new, creative goodness and to go to a show soon.

frozenreflections said...

We cannot wait for the "Upcoming" album :) I hope as soon as it comes out you start touring again. It has been way too long.

So excited for the sting arrangements.
LOVE cello so if that is on the album I will be freaking out!!

Do you remember Michelle and I talking about the Xylophone player we saw playing at the Jazz club after the show in Lawrence,Kansas?? and how it would be so cool for MM to include that. I am hoping it makes it in after seeing the VideoBlog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jniovEp4PHM

Thanks for the update.
Hope you guys have lots more fans now from Twilight! That is a huge market to be exposed to.

Now get back to the studio and stop reading my comment!! maria :)

portorikan said...

Great show. Loved it and the song and pretty geeked about the new album dropping.

Um, also, thanks to the MuteMath eteam for the birthday wishes. I'm sure you had nothing to do with that, but it was a nice touch. :)

Rich Barber said...

Ahhh... that makes more sense - being from the UK (please do come again soon!), I only saw the YouTube'd version of the Leno performance and therefore presumed Greg had just moved to keys to let Paul get out from behind the keys!

Either way, am now LOVING listening the new EP (especially Clockwork) and definitely looking forward to the full LP!

Rich Barber said...
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Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).