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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Taking Doogie Howser's Lead

This whole blog movement has greatly intrigued me since I first learned about not too long ago, maybe two years now. I love the idea that people can express themselves freely on a platform of which they have somewhat complete control over and then, immediately broadcast it across the world. I guess the first time I ever encountered this world of writing down your thoughts into a computer was on "Doogie Howser, MD." Hopefully, I don't sound as stupid or have those short little pauses of enlightment every five seconds; however, I don't want to kid myself. I'm just as much of a dork as Doogie. The only difference is that I carry a bass, not a stethoscope.

1 comment:

Meshach said...

YOU TOTALLY BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH! Dude, I had a freakin' blog draft setup talking about the beginnings of blogs, hilighting Doogie as the founder of it all! But, alas, you're swifter than I.


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