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Friday, December 27, 2013

"Electric Shadows" - track 4 - PLASTIC PLANETS


Electric shadows
Shining through the night
Electric shadows
Beaming in my eyes

I feel electric

I really need to figure out
What my life isn’t all about
Perhaps i need a cigarette
But I don’t really wanna die
Just yet

I don’t need to figure out
What my life is all about
I just need a cigarette
I don’t really wanna die
Just yet

Nothing I can say
(When you call me)
Nothing I can do

Nowhere i can go
(I’ll do anything for you)
And get away from you

I feel electric


from Plastic Planets, track released 17 December 2013 
Just as a side note, I sing part of the lead on this track (the verses, lala's, and some of "I feel electric"). I also play guitar and synths on this track.

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