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Friday, December 27, 2013

"Electric Shadows" - track 4 - PLASTIC PLANETS


Electric shadows
Shining through the night
Electric shadows
Beaming in my eyes

I feel electric

I really need to figure out
What my life isn’t all about
Perhaps i need a cigarette
But I don’t really wanna die
Just yet

I don’t need to figure out
What my life is all about
I just need a cigarette
I don’t really wanna die
Just yet

Nothing I can say
(When you call me)
Nothing I can do

Nowhere i can go
(I’ll do anything for you)
And get away from you

I feel electric


from Plastic Planets, track released 17 December 2013 
Just as a side note, I sing part of the lead on this track (the verses, lala's, and some of "I feel electric"). I also play guitar and synths on this track.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My new project's debut album (PLASTIC PLANETS) is free to stream on Spotify!

It's also available to purchase on iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/plastic-planets/id780178623

And available to stream and buy at www.plasticplanets.com

Thanks to everyone who has listened and purchased the album so far! 

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Debut Album from PLASTIC PLANETS

Tonight at midnight, the PLASTIC PLANETS debut album will be available for streaming, downloading, and buying at www.plasticplanets.com

Thank you for your continued support and interest.

Monday, December 09, 2013


I have a new side-project called PLASTIC PLANETS in which I play guitar with two other brilliant musicians: Jeffrey Alan Wright (drums) & Eric Van Lugo (bass/vocals).

We've just uploaded a debut track HERE and a full length album of 10 tracks will be released next week 12-17-2013, which will be available all over the internet. Please keep posted here or at the Plastic Planets BLOG, website, FACEBOOK, or TWITTER.

Thank you!

ps. MUTEMATH shows in India last week were completely and utterly fantastic. THANK YOU INDIA!

Friday, October 25, 2013

THE 4 T's: A Guitar & Bass Methodology

THE 4 T'S: A Guitar & Bass Methodology      

TONE, TIME, TECHNIQUE, & THEORY: in a nutshell
What’s the most important part to achieving great tone?
Great tone is all in the hands (as Jaco Pastorius so rightly proclaimed). A true bassist or guitarist can pick-up any bass or guitar (no matter how terrible it may be) and make it sound good. Of course, certain guitars react different, are set up differently, and have an inherent tone about them, but it is ultimately up to the player to develop that tone with the manner in which he/she positions his/her hand.
Difference between Tube and Solid State amps:
Generally, a tube amp is going to sound warm and beefier; normally, with the gain turned up high, the break-up distortion is going to sound better than distortion from a solid state. With a solid-state amp, the tone is more "square" and generally may "cut" through easier in the mix. Solid-state amps are easier to maintain as well.
Flat wound vs. Round wound strings: 
Flat wound strings give less sustain and have generally an “older”, thud-type of sound whereas round wound strings are brighter and cut through the mix. For guitar, flat-wounds can be miracle workers in achieving a unique sound to a guitar that may be less than "inspirational."

Why time?
Time is everything. Play only two notes for an entire song but do it with impeccable time and you'll make the song come to life. Play lots of licks with lots of notes but do it with no groove or swing and it just becomes noise. 

Shouldn't the drummer be the time keeper?
No. Every musician should be as solid with his time as the drummer and just reinforce what a good drummer should be laying down. Time is like a sphere with three points of contact: 1. play right on top of it; 2. play in front the beat; or 3. play on the back side of its curvature.

Left hand positions (or "neck hand" for left handed players):
The hand is kept as a “C” shape, and moves up and down the guitar and/or bass neck according to the four main positions.
Finger per fret application:
Each finger gets its own fret according to the position on the instrument. This is a soft-rule that helps in minimizing hand fatigue and creates an economic movement to creating licks and chords.
Right hand technique:
For bass, two-finger is the norm, using the index and middle fingers. Three-finger incorporates the ring finger and can help develop speed. For guitar, PIMA is the classical way, but I mostly use a flat, hard pick, using alternate strokes. Pick on bass is a great way to create aggression or incorporate the palm mute with a pick and get funk, pluck going.
Fingers vs. Pick
Normally, fingers produce a warm/dark sound whereas pick is more aggressive and brighter. I often change between the two in the middle of a song even; it depends on what the song requires.

For me, scales are at the core of understanding theory. The best way to memorize scales is to start off learning them on a piano. It's easy to visualize a scale on a piano since no notes show up more than once, as they do on guitar and bass. The fundamentals are the learning all 12 MAJOR SCALES & all 12 MINOR SCALES.

Building on scale knowledge makes learning chords easy. The chords come from the construction of certain scale notes, namely the 1, 3, and 5 scale degrees. Also, each scale degree has a corresponding chord that is essential to hearing progressions, e.g., I, Vi, IV, V. 

***This is just a quick introduction to my methodology. I'm developing a more in depth book on this subject. Look out for it... Thanks!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Please support musicians/artists by buying their music...

Please go buy this EP that I co-produced with a great band from Benidorm, Spain: MIRZA ZAZA


"ATLAS" ya está aquí! Nuestro nuevo EP producido junto a Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas!! ‪#‎Atlas‬

Descárgalo en iTunes / Download on iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/es/album/atlas-ep/id671507567

Escúchalo en Spotify / Stream on Spotify:http://open.spotify.com/album/5P1XdvfVMIEEIN5pO71jTf


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I just wanted to update everyone on my lesson schedule & other news...

1) I'm no longer using my bookfresh.com site. So, please void that.
2) I am giving lessons in person and via Skype on a very limited basis. If you are interested, please email me at rmclessons@gmail.com in order to work out a schedule.

In other news...

1) My third child Stella Mar Mitchell was born two weeks ago!
2) MM is making great progress on new album, and we are having lots of fun doing it...
3) I recently produced an EP from a band from Spain called MIRZA ZAZA, and that is soon to come out... Follow me on twitter to see updates.


Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).