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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Triad Music Festival

Just thought I'd spread the word about a new type of music festival coming up DECEMBER 19 in McALLEN, TEXAS. . . It's called TRIAD MUSIC FESTIVAL. Along with two friends of mine, I helped found this new event in order to help young musicians develop and improve the needed trade skills for a successful career in music. See below for further details:

What is Triad Music Festival?

On December 19, 2010 in McAllen, Texas, over 300 music students will gather for a 1-day only music education conference. World-renown touring and recording artists Roy Mitchell-Cardenas and Darren King of the band Mute Math will teach Bass and Drum Master classes, hold a 90 minute Rhythm Section clinic, and perform with attending students in a grand finale jam session. The session is open to the public for $10, and full-day passes will be available for $75. Tickets go on sale on November 1, and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
With an onslaught of distracting and pseudo-educational programs hitting the market, Triad Music Festival seeks to shore-up the myth that the MTV / American Idol path is the only way to make a career in the music industry. Session musicians, tour managers, teachers, and technicians will reveal practical and rare insights into the work of the working musician. When a child chooses engineering as a career, there are hundreds of potential options and opportunities for them on that path. Triad Music Festival seeks to show that the same is true in music. It’s true, the odds of being the next Nick Jonas, Thom Yorke, or Carrie Underwood are millions to one; but there are literally millions of other jobs and roles to be had in the music industry. As Conan O’brien once said, “If you want to make it in television, then go get a job in television. That’s how you build contacts, learn the business, and eventually get your break.” It is our intention to show students how to develop the skills for those jobs in the music business, and have as much fun as physically possible doing so.
Triad Music Festival is the first of it’s kind – the 1-day academy of trade skills for the music business.
Triad Music Festival was founded by David Rios, Meshach Jackson, and Roy Mitchell-Cardenas.
David Rios is the founder and head teacher at McAllen Musicademy. A regionally respected and sought-after guitarist, Rios studied guitar at Berkley School of Music in Boston, MA, and is a native of McAllen.
Meshach Jackson is a performing and recording artist with a decade of club and tour experience. Jackson is a seasoned touring and recording artist and vocal performer, and is based in New York, NY where he runs an interactive product & marketing agency – Jolly Science.
Roy Mitchell-Cardenas is a native of McAllen, TX, and currently resides in Miami, FL. Between tours of the globe with Mute Math, Mitchell-Cardenas is a private bass instructor, producer, song writer, blogger, and author. Before and after the event, Roy will be giving private one-on-one lessons. To book a lesson, contact Roy at his blog. Roy will also be starting to give bass lessons via Skype. For more information check back at this blog.

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