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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Obsolete Bassline

Obsolete Lesson:


Posted Questions: 1. What is your current favorite song to play in concert and why? It changes from night to night. On the Matchbox 20 tour, it was mostly "Break the Same" because I got to play drums in those big arenas. 2. Are you drawing from any particular musical influences as you write the new Mute Math stuff? No. My interest are so scattered that it cannot be pinpointed. 3. What sampling machine is used to get all of those sounds during Reset? I think DK used only an ASR-10 to create the sounds, but for the live show, we use a SP-303 Dr. Sample to trigger them. I hope you enjoy the video. ¡Hasta pronto, amigos! 


kingofbother said...

Thanks for giving us a posting. Jen and I hope all is going well with you and the band. Tell them all that we said hi. Is there a summer tour in the future? We are praying for you guys.


Anthony said...

Nice. I figured out Obsolete on bass previously, as it's probably my favourite MuteMath track, but I did a few things differently to what you did. It's a great bass line.

Ah, for the coolest Miles Davis and Coltrane performance of So What, YouTube 'Miles Davis So What' and I believe it's the first one that comes up. It's the ultimate cool.

Anthony said...

Are there any plans for the 'Math to visit Australia? I'm practically dying to see you guy's live here in Melbourne. I saw Earthsuit back in 2002, but I don't believe you were with them at that point.

Ro(bert)o Lopez said...

This is very helpful...Thanks!

Paul said...

Thanks for the video... but seriously when are you guys releasing the video for Control? Did you scrap it or something?

the Napalm Cupid said...

Thanks for giving us all such awesome video's. I would really appreciate it if you could make a Noticed bass line video. Me and my band are going to play this song for our debut show and could figure it out, but there is nothing like being instructed by the person who made it up. THANKS!!

the Napalm Cupid said...

Oh and congrats on your baby!!

the Napalm Cupid said...

Hey not to nag or anything but if you could possibly get that bass line done as soon as possible or at least reply to this comment to say if you are or aren't going to!! the show is in two weeks and we have everything but the bass line!! So if you could just tell me that would be great! thanks..

the Napalm Cupid said...

Oh yes, and to tell you that I am your band's greatest fan is an understatement... I tried to get freakin tickets for the boardwalk in September for your guys show but unfortunately they are sold out... Even more fortunate is that I know someone who might be able to get me in. so when I might be there, you will know me by my tight pants, annoying craziness, and generally taking off my shoes and going nuts while everyone else is sitting there like a bunch of imbeciles... but I don't have to reassure you... you will see... lol!

Mike Fogg said...

Thanks for the Obsolete lesson, now all we need is the Stare At The Sun lesson and we're almost sorted *hint*

I'd love to it if you took the time [after you've done the new album =P] to blog Stare At The Sun, and at a later date Break The Same, also what effects are you using on Break The Same, is it even the Bass with the effects?

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).