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Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Reset" Bass Lesson

I made this video quickly backstage in Albany. Hopefully, it will help some of you seeking to learn this song. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!



Anthony said...

Legend. Thanks captain, I think I'll try and see if anyone is game enough at my Tafe course to cover Reset and do other various nu-jazz and experimental stuff. Also, any plans for an Australian tour?

Melanie said...

I can't really play it, but I still love watching. :)

Kevin Decker said...

Love it! I'll play it tonight. I like this new lesson from the road. Cool. Thanks for taking the time to post this.


1. What is your current favorite song to play in concert and why?

2. Are you drawing from any particular musical influences as you write the new Mute Math stuff?

Anthony said...

Howdy Roy, just wondering what sampling machine is used to get all of those sounds during Reset? I see it on the live DVD but you can't really figure it out.

Bertman316 said...

You da' man.

Jessica said...

alright roy! i like the spontaneity of this video.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roy,

This is Dennis from yesterdays concert here in Toronto. It was a great, great pleasure to finally meet you and the rest of the band. You guys were really nice just as I'd hope, I was really happy I could chat with you all, and thanks again for signing the CD!

We talked a little bit about the venues here in Toronto when I asked how you guys enjoyed playing the Air Canada Center. (you guys were awesome as always btw, makes me such a proud fan how you impress everyone all the time)

You, Greg and I talked a little bit about "The Opera House" which you guys have played before. I like that place, it's pretty intimate and I think it sounds great. But it's kinda gritty IMO.

You also mentioned "Massey Hall" which I highly recommend. It's a landmark here in Toronto, always talked about having some of the best sound, a great location in the heart of Toronto, and classy which is great for Mute Math 'cause you are classy guys! The only thing about that venue is that it has seats. I don't know if those seats can be removed but when I see you guys. I wanna dance! Haha, so yeah there's just that, but it's a great place.

Either way I just hope you guys come back soon! This Fall right? That's quite a while away, but you guys have a new record to record, so I understand.

Once again it was really great seeing you guys yesterday, i'll never forget it.

Leah said...

how's the holiday inn express?
glad we are fellow bloggers! :)

Luke Sharrett said...

They finally put you in Bass Player Magazine this Month! It was a real honor to have my picture run with your article. Peace brother!

Anonymous said...

This probably isn't the best question for you, as a bassist, but could you please clue me in to Darren's drum set up? I believe I've seen Zildjian cymbals and I think a Black Beauty snare, but the rest I'm clueless on. Even stuff like the heads he uses would not be too much info. Thanks Roy! Love the blog, man.

wit said...

finally reset!
saw you in bass player this month and did a jig, i love your stuff

a.Le.x w.a.rrrr.ë.n said...

can't wait to see you cats tomorrow.

Jason Ericson said...

Sweet as, I love getting to play this stuff. I just have to borrow my friend's bass from down the hall...

Question: Is it true that the Control music video isn't coming out anymore? I heard a rumor about that...

Jen from NH said...

No "Control" video? That true? (First I've heard in rumor or any other fashion so...) I was wondering about that a little... Great song and all, I just meant as you're recording a new CD and all... But then I don't know how long it takes a CD to be released after it's recorded...

I probably should know that, as I'm working on recording my own... But I'm nowhere near ready yet so I guess I can wait on that answer. :) (Besides, I doubt I'm going through a label so it's probably whenever the check clears for me heh...)

Meanwhile... You guys stayed at Holiday Inn Express, ehh? I stayed there once in Spokane, WA. It was nice as I recall... And they had fresh made cookies in the lobby. Hoo boy! :)

Anyway, haven't heard from you in awhile, so thought I'd say hi with a comment.

Hope all's well. I'm praying for you guys and for divine inspiration on your new album. :)

God bless!
-Jen from NH

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).