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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Two Hand Tapping Improv (using the Locrian #6 mode)

Earlier, we were discussing modes and how they create a certain vibe; again, a mode is "an arrangement of the eight diatonic notes or tones of an octave according to one of several fixed schemes of their intervals" (Webster), and these modes can be found within other scales by starting on different notes.

In this video, I'm using mainly the second mode of the Harmonic Minor Scale, where the Harmonic Minor Scale uses the construction of W H W W H -3 H. In order to play the second mode (which has the name of Locrian #6), I start at the second note of the Harmonic Minor Scale, which gives me a construction of H W W H -3 H W. The "-3" means minor third interval, i.e., the distance of a whole plus a half step. For example, C to Eb or B to D.

I'm playing in B; so the mode tones I'm using are B C D E F G# A.

I'm also using a "two-hand tapping technique" that serves well for solo stuff. Victor Wooten is probably the best bassist who does this. To play this way, use both hands to tap onto the fretboard as if it were piano. Literally, I'm hammering the notes with both hand simultaneously. We'll take a closer look at this technique in videos to come, and we'll also explore the Harmonic Minor Scale and its modes.

This improvisation is inspired by Victor's playing.



Phil Emery said...

Roy, my man, that is absolutely beautiful. I didn't know tapping was an accepted method of playing a bass! I'll have to try it with my group. Your lessons are eye opening.

Melanie said...

Applause!!! I've heard that type of playing before, but now I know what it is called. You do it so well. :)

Kim B. said...

Do you ever use this style when you play with Mute Math?

Roy Mitchell-Cardenas said...

No, Mute Math music doesn't really call for this type of playing. That's part of the reason why I posted such a video.

the Napalm Cupid said...
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Levi Mira said...

You are probably my favorite bass player, aside from maybe one other. What I find is so awesome is that you are so influenced by so many different styles. Mute Math bass playing is technical. I appreiciate how you combine such unique styles into a group like Mute Math. Who were your biggest influences? Tell Darren he NEEDS to make a blog like yours lol.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).