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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mixolydian Mode

The Mixolydian Mode is an important mode for a bass player. That is because it's the fifth mode of the major scale. The Five is a big number in bass playing. If a bassist doesn't know anywhere else to go after the root note, the five is usually a safe bet. That is, if you are playing C and you want to change it up or move the bassline around but you're not sure where, the fifth is a great place to go.

Every Mixolydian Mode will have the same construction of Whole and Half steps, which is

W W H W W H W.

We will focus only on G Mixolydian, which scale construction is stated below:

to A is a Whole step,
to B is a Whole step,
to C is a Half Step,
to D is a Whole step,
D to E is a Whole step,
E to F is a Half step,
F to G is a Whole step.

Note, that Mixolydian is a lot like the major scale, but the only difference is that the 7th tone of the scale is a half step down, or flatted - b7.

Hence, Mixolydian has a major sound, but it is also a dominant sound (or a flatted 7th sound - G7). There are progression built around the dominant sound, e.g., a blues progression - G7 C7 G7 D7 C7 G7 D7, etc.

Have fun with this one below:

To put it all in perspective, review the modes below:
i. Major scale and its modes (Example C Major)

C. Ionian (aka Major Scale)-- W W H W W W H (C D E F G A B C)
D. Dorian ----------------- W H W W W H W (D E F G A B C D)
E. Phrygian ---------------H W W W H W W (E F G A B C D E)
F. Lydian ----------------- W W W H W W H (F G A B C D E F)
G. Mixolydian ----------- W W H W W H W (G A B C D E F G)
A. Aeolian (Natural Minor)-W H W W H W W (A B C D E F G A)
B. Locrian ---------------- H W W H W W W (B C D E F G A B)


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Melanie said...

I hope we don't get a test on these. LOL I really want to sit down sometime with one of those little keyboards and try it out there.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).