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Monday, August 13, 2007

Lydian Mode

Continuing with the lessons on modes, we'll take a look at the Lydian Mode, the 4th mode of the major scale.

Again, every Lydian Mode will have the same construction of Whole and Half steps, which is

W W W H W W H.

Today, we will focus only on F Lydian, which scale construction is stated below:

to G is a Whole step,
to A is a Whole step,
to B is a Whole step,
to C is a Half Step,
to D is a Whole step,
D to E is a Whole step,
E to F is a Half step

Further, the Lydian Mode is a major sounding mode because it contains a major third interval between the first note of the scale (or tonic) and the third note of the scale (or mediant).

If the space between the first note of the scale and the third note of the scale is 4 half steps, then it is major third interval, e.g., between C to E there is:
C to C# (Half step),
C# to D (Half),
D to D# (Half),
D# to E (Half),

Also, between F and A, there are 4 half steps.

Watch and play along with the video below, and try to get an overall vibe of the Lydian sound:

A side note to the video: during the improv, I use a "hold" function on my delay pedal in order to repeat the F root note. This function allows me to play that low F note, repeat it, and play on top of it.

To put it all in perspective, review the modes below:
i. Major scale and its modes (Example C Major)

C. Ionian (aka Major Scale)-- W W H W W W H (C D E F G A B C)
D. Dorian ----------------- W H W W W H W (D E F G A B C D)
E. Phrygian ---------------H W W W H W W (E F G A B C D E)
F. Lydian ----------------- W W W H W W H (F G A B C D E F)
G. Mixolydian ----------- W W H W W H W (G A B C D E F G)
A. Aeolian (Natural Minor)-W H W W H W W (A B C D E F G A)
B. Locrian ---------------- H W W H W W W (B C D E F G A B)


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