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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Basses

I chatted with a friend of mine today about how life has been for me while not being on the road. It seems strange, but I've adjusted to a lifestyle of always moving and touring. Naturally, it takes quite a bit of time to readjust to a "normal" way of living. In order to keep myself from going insane, I think I must create projects for myself while at home.

Well, to say "create projects" is a bit of a stretch because I feel that they always have existed. I simply haven't had the time to get around to them. For example, it's inevitable that all my three dogs are going to need baths when I get home. I don't make that up. Furthermore, it's inevitable that I will have to catch up on mail. This is by far the worst thing to come home to: a two-foot pile of mail, mostly junk. Other projects on this break have been remodeling my kitchen, writing new music, reading new books, and of course, making bass lesson videos.

I mentioned to my friend that I've been making bass lesson videos, and to my surprise, she asked why. I'm not sure why that would surprise her; she asked if it was "for fun?" This made me think of all the reasons why not only I but people in general think I'm making these videos.

First and foremost, I think it's to answer the questions I get from people on tour. From now on, if I get asked those questions (mainly bass stuff) again, I can refer him or her to my blog. I hope this doesn't sound annoyed. It's not. It's just simpler to say it once. Also, I think I can say it better and clearer this way. Well, at least, I'll try.

Second, I want to share any knowledge that I have about bass. I've been playing bass for 15 years, and, music in general, I've been playing my whole life. I used to give private lessons, and I think part of me misses that aspect of life.

Third, making these videos makes me become a better musician because I have to think about this stuff again. It's easy to forget if you are not applying it. I do apply a large portion of it with Mute Math, but not all of it. I doubt that I'll ever play slap bass with Mute Math for example.

Last, I'm working to a larger goal of writing a book, and blogs serve as a step by step process. I can get feedback from people viewing this, which I highly encourage and enjoy. Please do not be shy. This feedback helps me in my process, and makes for better use of this blog.

I plan to continue this process just as diligently once our fall tour starts, and I hope to bring you lessons and stories from all over the world.

Stay tuned . . .


Melanie said...

I've been gone a bit, so I am way behind on watching. I enjoy the lessons even if I don't play bass. It's cool to hear about your passion and I love to hear you play. I've been telling people about your lessons, too. LOL

And I will definitely look forward to more of your short stories.


P.S. I have a couple of dogs here that could use a bath for sure! I've been putting it off, though. Hope you've been able to enjoy some of that time off touring.

Kevin Decker said...

YES! 5 stars! Two thumbs up! I was glued to my mac book pro for this post! Thanks for taking the time to answer my (and others) gear questions. I'm geeking over your flat wound strings on all but the '78. I'll have to try a flat wound set. Is picking flat wound strings applicable or are flat wound strings strictly for finger bass?

I am re-visiting the older lessons as well. They are helping me become a better bass player. It's good to hear that you will attempt to continue your posts through out the fall tour. We want to catch the show in Salt lake or Denver. Maybe someday you will play a show here in Grand Junction, CO.
Thanks again Roy!
p.s. How is your kitchen remodel going? I hope you don't have to replace the Cabinets... that can cost as much as four vintage p-basses! lol. I did my kitchen three years ago. Looking back, It is definitely worth the money, blood, sweet and tears!

Loretta said...
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Loretta said...

Finally getting around to watching these latest vids.

Your upright is a "Kay?"

I couldn't believe you said that. . . I have a vintage "Kay" acoustic guitar, probably 50's.

maria said...

Wow I can't believe some people wouldn't get why you'd want to do video bass lessons. They just aren't geek enoughto understand :)

I totally love it and was so excited when I found the blog! It is perfect. We get all our geek questions answered so we don't waste your time when your on the road . Then you can actually spend time having interesting conversations!

Not only are you sharing your knowledge but are inspiring us! I have always loved the bass and have wanted to take lessons. Now I can from my favorite bass player. You should really charge us :)

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).