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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bass Lesson: Key Elements for Slap Bass

Without much surprise, one of the first things young bassist want to learn is how to slap and pop. I guess this is because it seems like one of the most fun thing to do on the bass, and in many ways it can be; however, it can be very annoying if not done right.

Do you ever notice that when you walk into Guitar Center's bass section there is always (and I mean always - 100% of the time) some dude banging the hell out of a bass in the most aggravating way possible?

Let's get this straight right now:


I've heard this from many amazing bass players, such as Abraham Laboriel, that lighter the touch, the more tone you are probably going to get out of the instrument. This usually goes the same for recording drums by the way, but that is a whole other story.

In this video, I talk about some key elements for slapping and popping bass technique. Take it slow, have fun, but don't kill yourself or the bass.

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Bertman316 said...

Roy bringin' in de' FUNK!

Lorin said...

... and almost every bass player has been that guy at guitar center at least once. Good stuff Roy.

chris zak said...

Roy - Just found out about your blog. Definately going to be checking in from time to time.

Before your last Philly show, you came into Repo Records for a minute, a couple hours before your show, probably saw there wasn't much there, and left. While it might not have a whole lot, one of the girls who works there is fantastic. Great for recommendations and nice personality. None of that "High Fidelity" crap. Then again, they don't have everything. But they will fulfill all your indie-rock needs. Anyway, I didn't get a chance to say hi or anything, but I saw ya!

Anyway, that band you're in is my favorite. I'm a music journalist in college, and I'd love to have a chat with the band when you come around. Besides, I can tell you where to get a good cheesesteak. It's not Pat's or Geno's. I'll tell you that much.

Hope you guys are getting some well-deserved rest! This MTV-play you're all getting is crazy.


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