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Friday, September 01, 2006

"Novia del Campo, Amapola"

I've been home (off tour) for about a week now, and this entire time I've been sick with somekind of virus (possibly from England - refer to an early post). This placed a damper on my plans for my "time off," namely the immediate mixing and mastering Meshach Jackson's EP (www.meshachjackson.com), which I actually have halfway finished yesterday, writing some fiction (such as in the early post), and creating some spoken word tracks of my fiction (which I will be placing up on www.myspace.com/roymitchellcardenas at some point).

Pues, ni modo . . . que voy hacer, nada. I'm an overachiever and sometimes live in the clouds, but for now, I'll try to relax; tomarme un te de manzanilla y tranquilsarme. This goal of relaxation forced upon me by my body makes me think of poetry, especially this one below, written by
Juan Ramón Jiménez, mainly because of the beauty of its subject (check out www.colby.edu/~bknelson/exercises/amapola/index.html for the translation):

Novia del campo, amapola
que estás abierta en el trigo;
amapolita, amapola
¿te quieres casar conmigo?

Te daré toda mi alma,

tendrás agua y tendrás pan.

Te daré toda mi alma,
toda mi alma de galán.

Tendrás una casa pobre,

yo te querré como un niño,

tendrás una casa pobre

llena de sol y cariño.

Yo te labraré tu campo,

tú irás por agua a la fuente,

yo te regaré tu campo

con el sudor de mi frente.

Amapola del camino,

roja como un corazón,

yo te haré cantar, y al son
de la rueda del molino.

Yo te haré cantar, y al son
de la rueda dolorida,

te abriré mi corazón,

amapola de mi vida.

Novia del campo, amapola,

que estás abierta en el trigo:

amapolita, amapola,

¿te quieres casar conmigo?

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