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Thursday, August 31, 2006

"The Hummingbird Mass" Excerpt

“The Hummingbird Mass”

It appears to be a quiet Tuesday night along Japonica Street, near the Hummingbird Theater. Commercial buildings collide with residential ones, and neon lights mixed with soft, yellow lamps stream into one, from point to point. Each of the homes shut their eyes to the buzz and hum growing down the way from the line of concertgoers whereas the commercial sites are in full swing, open for business and pleasure.

702. Carla’s Boutique. 704. Townhouse. 706. Townhouse. 708. Adult Books and Videos. 710. Pizza by the Slice.

The air isn’t too cold, the sidewalks are dry, and the lights dimly light the streets as my mates and I make our way to Phil’s Greek restaurant about two hours before the show. Gyros, hummus, and olives dominate the table, and music conquers the conversation.

“What concert was a religious experience for you?” someone asks.

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Loretta S. said...

"As soon as the first note hits, I feel myself buzzing. My instrument soars out of my hands and into a movement of its own; I leave the ground and float off once again as I used to do as a kid in Mass: Padre Nuestro, que estás en el cielo / santificado sea tu Nombre. The repetition of notes and the drive of my pick strumming into the steel of my strings sways the music back and forth like words of a prayer, in and out; the effect snowballs into an unstoppable force of melody and chords; echoes upon echoes, delays upon delays, a landscape of music paints a brighter picture of reality, and I fly towards the high ceilings, towards the pictures of saints, and to a place unknown."

Yes!!! Yes!!! claro que sí! I am so right there with you, Roy. . . I want to shut my eyes and take off!

Mars said...

Yeah, I used to drift during mass as well, though I was a fidgety one.
Funny how a single hour became so long in my mind...


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